BPS-310 is an innovative bearing prognostic simulator for performing fundamental research on bearing wear and damage development process. It is an educational device that can perform force, velocity vs. vibration, temperature and oil analysis while arbitrarily adjusting the load applied to the bearing and testing it at an arbitrary speed for a long time.

Detailed Description

The bearings play an important role in the operation of the rotating machine. Unexpected bearing defects can lead to downtime, lost production and even more serious damage to the machine. Most condition monitoring programs routinely measure bearing vibrations and perform trend analysis to assess signal integrity and severity of damage to assess machine health. This assessment is based entirely on historical data or statistical analysis, and may result in lost production due to premature replacement of good bearings. The reason why it was not easy to analyze with the prognosis model of bearing integrity was the lack of accelerated life testing devices and sensors for measuring variables. The BPS-310 will satisfy this shortcoming.

  • Modular, multifunctional desktop equipment for carrying out bearing prognostic studies
  • Measurement and indication of radial bearing load
  • Rolling element bearing, grease lubricating bearing, oil film bearing test available by one machine
  • Various sizes of bearings available: inner diameter 20, 30, 45, 55mm
  • Interchangeable induction motor and BLDC motor to apply different loads
  • Perform basic research on bearing wear development
  • Modelling of damage propagation mechanism for rolling element bearing, hydraulic lubricating bearing, and grease lubricating bearing, etc
  • Understanding Bearing Defect Mechanism as a Function of Bearing Load, Rotational Speed
  • Development of predictive model of residual bearing life based on damage development, operation speed, type and size of load
  • Study of sensor type and signal processing technology for bearing condition moritoring for prognosis
  • Correlation between vibration, motor current, load, friction and noise spectrum
  • Proof of the Model Basic Diagnosis / Prognosis Algorithm
Electrical Specifications
Driver 3-hp, 3-phase variable speed AC inverter
RPM range 0 ~ 3000 variable speed
Voltage 220VAC single phase 60 / 50Hz
Mechanical Specifications
Shaft Stepped structure with diameters of 20, 30, 45, 55, 60 mm
Test bearing Rolling element bearing inner diameter 20, 30, 45, 55mm
Oil film bearing: 20mm
Bearing load device Manual adjustment up to 2000kg
Base plate 15mm die cast aluminum base, 6 rubber feet
Physical Specifications
Weight Approximately 40kg
size LxWxH = 970 x 540 x 550 mm