A bevel gear is a typical gear reducer used to transmit the power between shafts which are meeting centerline crossed, the gears were cutting to angled face like conic shape. Most of the bevel gears are sorted of linear type or curved type, the curved type includes zerol bevel gear and spiral bevel gear.

Detailed Description

  • Removing the upper cover to be able to see the internal structurer of machine
  • Understanding the power transfer principle of cross shaft
  • Understanding types of bevel gears : linear, angular, zerol, spiral bevel gear
  • Learning the thrust of spiral bevel gear
  • Learning the difference from miter gear
  • Operating with the upper cover removed
  • Adjustable rotation speed control
  • Display of an educational institute and enterprise
  • Training aids for trainees
  • Display of a laboratory
  • Gear group : 1st gear teeth(21/42), 2nd gear teeth(19/76)
  • Gear type : bevel gear
  • Torsional angle of gear : 1st gear(35 °), 2nd gear(18°)
  • Pressure angle : 20°
  • Speed ratio : 8:1
  • Size : 680 * 440 * 500(W*D*H)
  • Operating in fully open state with remove the upper cover
  • Equip adjustable speed control actuator
  • Equip a transparent safety cover(shut down automatically if when cover is opened)