It’s not easy to understand to explain with the words the operation principle of the cyclo-reducer. it’s a reducer model that is able to make sure what the disc is moved as much as one gear teeth per one rotation of eccentric bearing by made of transparent acrylic to be fully seen the internal gear of reducer. It’s able to know that not only the understand of the operation’s principle but also it’s gear ratio at a look.

Detailed Description

  • Manufactured from transparent acrylic to view the internal structure of cyclo-reducer
  • Understanding the operation principle of cyclo-reducer
  • Understanding the structure of cyclo-reducer
  • Equip adjustable speed control driver
  • Display of an educational institute and enterprise
  • Training aids for trainees
  • Display of a laboratory
  • Gear made of duralminium
  • Different color gears each other
  • Made of transparent acrylic case ability to fully observation
  • Low speed operating ability to observe gear action
  • The number of cyclo disc teeth : 11
  • Lateral teeth : 12
  • Reduction ratio : (12:1)
  • Size : 300*300*100(W*D*H)