In order to understand the mechanical component and production process, it is called a cutaway that is made of partially cut away a part of equipment for can be seen the internal structure, it is more effective than both photos or 3D cross-sectional drawing.

In addition, if it can operated slowly with seeing the internal structure of the equipment, it would be help to understand the principle of machine operation and production process more.

DyLab is providing the cutaway products(Slow Speed reducer, Pump, Compressor…) which can be understood the principle of machine at a look. It is able to arouse the interest to the students who want to choose the future major at the university and in the case of engineer involved in the machine sector, it is useful educational equipment to understand the machine structure more detail.


Parallel Shaft Reducer

PGR-1100 Parallel shaft reducer is the most common one used that has a low reduction gear ratio [...]

Bevel Gear

BGR-1200 A bevel gear is a typical gear reducer used to transmit the power between shafts which [...]

Worm Gear

WGR-1300 A worm gear is used to transmit the power between two shafts placed at a right [...]

Geared Motor

GMR-1400 Making a combination of motor and a reduction gear equipment is called a geared motor, if [...]

Centrifugal Pump

CPC-1500 A centrifugal pump is to transfer a liquid or generate a pressure using centrifugal force that [...]

Screw Compressor

SCC-1600 A screw compressor is the equipment to suck up the gas into the cylinder of a [...]


CRC-1700 When the input shaft rotated, the disc rotates in cyclo box by the eccentric body then [...]

Hydraulic Cylinder

HCC-1800 The hydraulic cylinder is generated the power by compress the oil by operation the piston in [...]

Cyclo-Reducer Model

CRS-2100 It’s not easy to understand to explain with the words the operation principle of the cyclo-reducer. [...]

Planetary Reducer Model

PRS-2100 It's able to understand the rotation direction and operation principle of the sun gear, planet gear, [...]

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