The hydraulic cylinder is generated the power by compress the oil by operation the piston in cylinder and It’s applied to hydraulic jack, vehicle braking gear,  excavator’s arm operation, dump truck.

Detailed Description

  • Removing the upper(1/4) cover to be able to see the internal structure of machine
  • Understanding the operation principle of hydraulic cylinder
  • Understanding the structure of hydraulic cylinder
  • Understanding the piston cushion plunger
  • Display of an educational institute and an enterprise
  • Training aids for trainees
  • Display of a laboratory
  • Cylinder internal diameter : 100mm
  • Maximum pressure : 140kgf/cm2(13,729Mpa)
  • Cushion length : 25mm
  • Size : 135 * 135 * 200(W*D*H, exception stroke length 150mm)