The motor-generator experimental apparatus is a set of motors and generators connected directly to each other, and it is device that can show the principle of which motor’s power create the electricity by the generator. In addition, it is good practical equipment to learn measurement technique in laboratory to the engineers in charge of measurement who work with noise and mechanical vibration generated from the set.

Detailed Description

• Learning the principle of power generation
• Learning the relationship between rotational speed and generated voltage
• The relationship between and noise and vibration of rotary machines
• Study of noise and vibration due to mechanical defects
• Study of the increase from three noise sources (motor, generator, speaker noise)
• Built-in speaker for background noise
• Screw hole installation for imbalance
• Heavy rotor and long shaft for critical speed
• Critical speed calculation and comparison with measurement
1. Studying of principles of electricity generation
2. Summation or subtraction practice of noise sources (elimination of influence of background noise)
3. Study sound propagation
4. Learn noise reduction method
5. Study noise isolation
6. Study structure borne noise and airborne noise
7. Study the relation of unbalance and vibration
8. Study of Critical Speed Avoidance Method
9. For the test of Noise and Vibration Expert Certification
Electrical specification
Motor 400W BLDC Motor
Drive method Variable voltage 0 ~ 90V DC (Change rotation speed)
Range of speed 0~3000rpm adjustable with potentiometer.
Display Instant rotating speed display up to 999.9 rpm
Switch 1 Switch for motor on/off, operating with same speed when switch is ON and Off.
Switch 2 ON/OFF switch for noise source(fan)
Output terminal 1 12V DC 100mA voltage output
Output terminal 2 6 pulses/revolution, output signal 6V TTL
Line voltage Single phase 220Vac, 60/50Hz
Operating environment -10~50°C, 35~85RH
Mechanical specification
shaft Dia. 12mm Aluminum
Rotor Dia. 100mm steel rotors with 18 holes for unbalancing mass.
Bearing Sealed ball bearing(6201)  2ea
Bearing housing Split bearing housing  2ea
Base plate Precisely machined die cast aluminum plate with 4 rubber isolators
Safety cover Impact resistant transparent cover with safety interlock
Size Width x Depth x Height = 750x200x350 mm
Weight About 15kg