DYLAB PVS-100 is a portable vibration simulator. 
Easily generates simple machinery vibration signal so it can be used for many purposes. It is possible to perform simple sensor check, learning vibration with RPM change, vibration signal analysis, and 1-2 plane balancing exercises.
All accessories are in the carrying case so you can use it anywhere and anytime.

Detailed Description

  • 2 removable balancing discs
  • RPM control: 10-3000 RPM
  • can be running like overhung rotor
  • Carrying case
  • Vibration signal learning
  • Simple sensor check
  • For salesperson demonstration
  • Vibration teaching materials
  • For sensor signal verification
  • For balancing practice (1 Plane, 2 Plane)

Electrical specification

Electric motor : 7W (1 / 10 hp) BLDC Motor

Driving method : Rotational speed change by DC voltage

Speed ​​range : manual speed control with rotary knob from 100 to 3600 rpm

Display 1 : Instantaneous speed display up to 9999.9 rpm

Run / Stop Switch : when ON it’s starting at previously running speed

Output terminal : 1 pulse / rotation output signal 6V TTL, BNC terminal

Voltage : Single phase 220Vac, 60 / 50Hz

Operating environment  : -10~50°C, 35~85RH

Mechanical specification

Shaft : 8mm diameter, steel

Rotor : 140Φ rotor disc 2 pcs, which has 36 holes around 126Φ position, easily removable for transport

Bearing : Sealed Ball Bearings, Inner Diameter 8mm (C698ZZ)

For Sensor attachment : 10-32UNF, 1/4-28 UNF tapped holes for accelerometer installation on both bearings

Rubber feet : 4 rubber feet

Material : Lightweight aluminum

Physical specification

Weight :  ~3kg

Size : Width x Depth x Height = 200 x 170 x 190 mm