A worm gear is used to transmit the power between two shafts placed at a right angle and not crossed, It is able to be made much smaller than a spur gear. A worm and worm gear are applied the equipment to need the big reduction ratio between drive and driven, in the case of single start worm, the worm gear performs as much as one gear’s teeth per a round of worm. So it has the reduction ratio identical to the number of worm gear’s teeth irrespective of the size of the worm.

Detailed Description

  • Removing the upper(1/2) cover to be able to see the internal structure of machine
  • Understanding the term of worm gear : Pitch, Lead, Start
  • Learning the throated worm gear
  • Understanding the rotational force transfer of worm and worm gear
  • Understanding the operation principle of reducer
  • Operating with the upper cover removed
  • Adjustable rotation speed control
  • Understanding the operation of break system
  • Display of an educational institute and enterprise
  • Training aids for trainees
  • Display of a laboratory
  • The number of gear’s teeth : 20 teeth(the same of the speed ratio)
  • Speed ratio : 30:1
  • HIT Worm Transmission System
  • Size : 600 * 440 * 500(W*D*H)
  • Operating in fully open state with remove the upper cover
  • Equip adjustable speed control actuator
  • Equip a transparent safety cover(shut down automatically if when cover is opened)